Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ / Tracking


If you have sent money and you want to check its status, you can view this from the Adaremit account.

1. Login to your Adaremit Account
2. Click on the Transaction List you want to track.
3. Click on details.

The updates on your orders will be sent to your email.

You can also check the status of your money in here by entering your ID Tracking

Once the transaction is completed, you can download a receipt. It serves as a confirmation of your transfer and includes details like the transfer number and banking partner reference

How to download the receipt on the website:
1. Go to Transfer
2. Find the Transaction list, and click on Track Transaction
3. Click Download/Print Invoice.
4. Select Get PDF receipt

The receipt will open up in a new tab as a PDF. You can save it to your computer and share it.

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